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11 September 2009 @ 06:53 am
Fic: 'Constructive Feedback'  
Title: Constructive Feedback
Author: Puckity
Rating: NC-17 [for language, awkward hard-ons, and catalogued fanfic sex tropes yo]
Pairings: ToBae full throttle; Youngbae/his color-coded Post-its
Disclaimer: If I owned Big Bang—two words: assless chaps. Don’t even lie Dae would be all over this. Curse my unattainable ambitions!
Summary: Youngbae has a plan, and fandom is his research. Seunghyun has Youngbae’s notes, and absolutely no clue.
Word Count: 5059
Author’s Notes: YOU THOUGHT I FORGOT ABOUT THIS BUT I WAS JUST TESTING YOU. Congratulations, you passed? For real though I started this beast in like July ugh. This is for xxjustjennyxx and their brilliant call for Youngbae and fanfiction to collide! Hope it amuses you!^^ My first ToBae fic and damn if this pairing doesn’t just burrow in like an infectious parasite. I blame Bae. HOW CAN YOU BE SO MUSCLES&PUPPIES ALL THE TIME I CAN’T EVEN GUH.

It isn't porn it's academic.